February 2021

Greetings Friends!

It’s hard to believe, January is over, the Season of Epiphany is almost over and Lent is upon us. Wednesday, February 17th is ASH Wednesday. It seems like it was only yesterday we were in the season of Advent (preparation and anticipation) and Christmas (joy and hope celebrating God with us – Emmanuel). As I am writing this, there are ‘3’ more Sundays in Epiphany, our season for learning and identifying who Jesus was and the work Jesus was called to be about.  WOW, it’s been a fast journey.

The Season of Lent is a journey where we are called to take time to reflect, to think about and to determine what the meaning of discipleship is all about. What it means to be followers of Jesus, studiers, learners of Jesus. To be followers of Jesus doesn’t mean we sit back and watch or observe only the ministry and work of Jesus. It means we are called into action. One can’t follow and be sedentary. It is to be active in our faith journey, to be actively continuing to learn, to put what we have learned into action, to live out our faith.

To be an observer in faith is more of a ‘sit back, look and see’ sedentary type of faith. It is a valid beginning step in faith which doesn’t require any more action than watching. It is very low demand. To be a follower in faith is action from the beginning. We are, in this instance, so to speak, following the leader!     

So, as we come into the Season of Lent, both as individual followers and as a community of faith, let us take time to observe where we are on our faith journey. Reflect upon our daily living of our faith, take time to own what we have or haven’t done, and ‘repent’, ‘turn-around’, to have a change within our own hearts, just like God had with the people, from the things which have bogged us down in the muck and not brought forth the Joy of Discipleship. Let us hear anew the teachings of Jesus, and see with new eyes the ministry he modeled for us to follow. Let us hear the words, the stories, the commandments, and the ACTIONS Jesus did, telling and showing us the way. Let us find new, fresh ways to put our faith into action. Let us be renewed in faith, so we can “run and not be weary, walk and not be faint” (Isaiah 40:31b).

As we are led to Jerusalem and the Cross this Lent, let us hear the question being asked of us:

‘Are we willing to follow Jesus, to Jerusalem and the Cross, down the path Jesus walked’?

May God bless each and every one on your journey.

Pastor Lois